Mobilize Rescue Systems: Utilizing technology for medical emergencies.

Recently named a 2018 medical Innovation Finalist for the 2018 Edison Awards the NY based company, Mobilize Rescue Systems, aims to empower bystanders to save lives by equipping them with the resources necessary to respond to medical emergencies. Just as IT Connections deals with a diverse client industry, so does Mobilize Rescue Systems. From Law Enforcement, Education, Security and General Business they are utilizing technology and life saving solutions they aim to empower the average bystander to be able to react in a medical emergency. Since the average ambulance response time is around 9-15 minutes, a bystander is frequently a victim’s best hope for survival. Unfortunately, bystanders don’t always have the knowledge or equipment they need to intervene. Here is a link to a FOX News interview regarding the company and the technology:


Company Downtime: ROI Calculator

What is the impact of your business going down due to natural disaster or the negative impact of a virus or ransomware impacting your day to day operations? Many times owners don’t want to hear the bad news of how much money they are losing but I found this tool to be very useful and informative to help put a value on

Try out our ROI calculator – Figure out the cost of not backing up your data.


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