Company Downtime: ROI Calculator

What is the impact of your business going down due to natural disaster or the negative impact of a virus or ransomware impacting your day to day operations? Many times owners don’t want to hear the bad news of how much money they are losing but I found this tool to be very useful and informative to help put a value on

Try out our ROI calculator – Figure out the cost of not backing up your data.


As Automotive Technology increases so does the need for Automotive CyberSecurity

In the wake of two high-profile car hacking reports, a new Kelley Blue Book survey suggests consumers are increasingly concerned about automotive cybersecurity, and those concerns could influence new purchases. Being that our newly purchased IT Connections truck is a 2016 RAM ProMaster City that has UConnect I felt this to be very informative and went to the dealer to ensure I had the latest patches and updates.

Source: Survey exposes consumer fears about car hacking – CNET

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